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Dog Kennel in Macedon

Serving Macedon, New York as well as Wayne, Monroe, and Ontario counties for more than thirty years, we provide pet boarding and grooming services that are second to none at Tail Waggers Kennel. Working with pets can sometimes be a difficult task, especially with those animals that are a bit shy when it comes to people who are not their beloved owners. Our experienced groomers and boarders have years of experience working with animals of all breeds and temperaments and know precisely how exactly how to keep dogs happy, stress-free, and looking great, regardless of breed. Call or stop by today, and we'll show you around our facility to give you peace of mind before you board your dog with us.

Boarding and Caretaking

We understand that leaving your dog or cat at a strange place with people you don't know can be stressful and frightening. Our pets are some of our most cherished companions in the world. At Tail Waggers Kennels, we will do anything in our power to ensure you have peace of mind before you leave your beloved pet in our care. We do boardings for both long term and short term, and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have or let you tour our facility and see the amenities we offer before leaving your pet with us. 
White maltese dog running on green grass

Over Thirty Years Experience

With over thirty years of experience in both boarding and grooming, you will have peace of mind when you send your dog to us either for an extended stay or just a quick grooming session. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will treat your pets with respect, and our stress-free facility will ensure that their tails wag as much when we send them home as before they arrive. 

Pet Grooming

Whether you're also looking to board your pet with us or if you just want your dog made trim, clean, and beautiful again, our professional groomers are here to serve your every need. Regardless of the breed type or style you're searching for, our knowledgeable staff know precisely how to get your pet looking exactly how you want. Fully versed in working with animals of all temperaments, regardless of how good or bad your dog is, our staff understand canine psychology and how to elicit the animal's cooperation until the job is finished,
Treat your pets right and call (315) 986-3934 today!
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