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Dog Boarding in Macedon

If you are going away for any period of time, long or short, and you need a place to board your dog or cat, look no further than Tail Waggers Kennels. Located in a private country atmosphere just outside of Macedon, New York, this place is quite literally a paradise for dogs. With loads of fenced outdoor area and trained staff that love that their jobs give them a daily opportunity to play with animals and show them affection, your cat or dog will be well loved, played with, and taken care of for the duration of its stay.

A Fun Place for your Dog

With a large outdoor fenced area and trained staff that love to play and give your dog the attention that it needs, stays at our kennel both long and short are going to be a breeze for dogs with even slightly needy temperaments. Our trained staff are well versed in dog psychology and simply know how to keep dogs stress free and happy, with lots of outdoor and play time to boot. When you board with us, your dog will not be left in a crate for the duration of your absence but will be played with, taken care of, and most importantly, loved. 
A trained staff plays with several small dogs
A group of cats in Macedon

A Relaxing Experience for Your Cat

While we can't let your cat have free roam of our property, mainly because our fences can't keep them in the safe confines of our fenced yard, we have all the amenities to keep your cats safe, secure and happy for the entire time they're with us. Instead of fretting and worrying while you're away, make the right choice and bring your cat to stay at our luxurious indoor cat shelter where they will be cared for, played with, and shown love multiple times per day.

Peace of Mind For You

When it comes to picking a boarding or grooming service, or really anything with your pet's health and well being in mind, we understand that peace of mind is of the utmost importance. Our number one goal is to assure you that your pet will be well treated, happy, and stress free for the entirety of the time it spends in our care, whether it's for a two week stint while you are on vacation, a couple days while you go to visit an out of town friend, or for a few hours while your pooch is getting a quality grooming done, know that your beloved pet will be taken care of and treated with respect from the moment it gets dropped off until you arrive to pick him up. 
Treat your pets right and call us today at (315) 986-3934!
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